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GreenMantra™ Technologies is a specialty chemical company that has commercialized a patented and proprietary catalytic depolymerisation technology to economically produce a variety of waxes and specialty chemicals using an innovative and environmentally friendly process.

Through our proprietary thermo-catalytic system and patented process, GreenMantra Technologies cost-effectively converts waste plastics, including hard-to-recycle materials such as grocery bags and film, into high-value waxes and other specialty chemicals. Its specialty wax products, marketed under the Ceranovus™ brand name, have a broad range of applications in polymer processing, adhesives, coatings, roofing and paving, and other industries.

The company is at the forefront of providing an environmentally positive alternative source for synthetic waxes, reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels as a raw material. This helps advance progress toward the goal of a circular economy that responsibly reuses waste streams.



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