Wax Additives

Our Polyethylene and Polypropylene waxes can be tailored to your specific application, adding innovation, cost savings, and sustainability. For more information on our Ceranovus A and Ceranovus G Series waxes, download our product brochures.


Application Literature

Our team of scientists works to provide our customers with the best performing products in various applications. For more information on how to take advantage of Ceranovus waxes in your formulations, download the application literature below or contact us at info@greenmantra.com.

Roofing Technical Document


Plastics Processing Technical Document


About Wax

Wax is a $10 billion global commodity that is used in almost all walks of life. Currently, over 94% of all waxes are created directly from crude oil, natural gas or coal. GreenMantra™ Technologies is striving to shift the supply mix of the wax industry using its innovative technology that produces drop-in replacement waxes and new custom wax formulations from recycled polyolefin plastics. Our environmentally-friendly waxes are used or being tested in many different industries including asphalt (for road and shingles), adhesives, emulsions, rubber compounding, fire logs, wood boards, investment casting, inks and coatings, polymer modification, and masterbatch.

For technical documentation or MSDS specific to a product, please email info@greenmantra.com

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